Wood Columnar Activated Carbon
Wood Columnar Activated Carbon
Product details
Production process:
Columnar activated carbon made from high-quality wood chips and coconut shells by crushing, mixing, extrusion, shaping, drying, carbonization and activation has lower ash content, less impurities and CTC has absolute advantages than traditional coal column activated carbon.
Introduction to Use:
sewage disposal
Activated carbon for sewage treatment is made from high quality coal by crushing, carbonization, activation and refining. Reasonable void structure can effectively purify domestic sewage and chemical sewage.
Desulfurization and denitrification
Desulfurization and denitrification products are cylindrical particles with dark black appearance. All of them are made of high quality carbon raw materials with a certain proportion of adhesives and co-catalysts. It is made by selection, mixing, crushing, shaping, drying, carbonization, activation and deep processing. It has high activity, high porosity, large sulfur capacity, high desulfurization efficiency and high mechanical strength. It has good water resistance, low gas resistance, easy regeneration, and is not easy to break under high pressure. This product is mainly used for the removal of H2S from various gases such as biogas, water gas, semi-water gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide gas, city gas, synthetic ammonia process gas, chemical raw gas and so on.
Solvent recovery
Activated carbon is recovered and treated by solvent, using high quality natural coal as raw material and refined by physical activation method. It is black granular, non-toxic and tasteless, with well-developed pore, reasonable pore distribution and strong adsorption capacity. It can adsorb most organic solvent vapors in a wide range of concentration. It is widely used in the recovery of benzene, ether, xylene, ethanol, acetone, gasoline, trichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvents.
Nitrogen Making Machine/Air Separation Equipment
PSA special activated carbon for nitrogen making machine is made from high quality coal as raw material through crushing, grinding, kneading, shaping, carbonization and activation. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, regular shape, uniform particle size, large specific surface area and less surface dust. It also has macropore, mesopore, micropore, proper quantity, fast adsorption speed and small bed resistance. It is suitable for direct deoxidation of inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon monoxide and hexyl carbon dioxide. It is widely used in nitrogen purification equipment and air separation nitrogen production equipment. It is also especially suitable for post-purification and oil absorption of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production.
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