Coal-based Spherical Activated Carbon
Coal-based Spherical Activated Carbon
Product details
Production process:
Coal-based spherical activated carbon is a new product initiated in China. It is made of high-quality lignite or anthracite, adhesives and catalysts by crushing, mixing, pelletizing, drying, carbonization and activation.
It has large specific surface area and void mechanism. High mechanical strength and good desulfurization performance. Sulfur capacity is high, application resistance is small, air distribution is uniform and so on.
This product is widely used to purify H2S and some organic sulfides in semi-water gas, raw gas, natural gas, oil field gas, gas and carbon dioxide gas.
Appearance: Grey-black spherical or ellipsoid.
Common particle size: 1-2mm 2-4mm 4-6mm 6-8mm
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