Differences and Relations between Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and Fruit Shell Activated Carbon
2019-04-22 11:11:00
Activated carbon can be divided into many kinds of activated carbon according to its raw materials. Among them, fruit shell activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon are mostly used in water purification field, and we often hear some water purifier salesmen say that our filtration is using activated carbon filtration, high-quality fruit shell activated carbon or coconut shell activated carbon.
So what is coconut shell activated carbon or fruit shell activated carbon? What are their characteristics? What are the differences? Which one is better?
If we want to know about them, we need to know about activated carbon.
What is activated carbon? Activated carbon is also called activated carbon black. It is black, powdered or granular amorphous carbon. It is a kind of microcrystalline structure. The pore structure of activated carbon is well developed. It has a large surface area (500-1000 m2/g), even higher. It has a strong physical adsorption performance. It can adsorb gases, liquids or colloidal solids. It is the adsorption capacity of activated carbon that enables it to deodorize, deodorize and purify water.
What does coconut shell activated carbon mean? What does nut shell activated carbon mean? This is named after the raw materials used in the production of activated carbon. Coconut shell activated carbon is the activated carbon made from coconut shell imported from Hainan or Southeast Asia, which is then broken, carbonized and finally activated. Activated carbon from fruit hull is a kind of activated carbon made from fruit hull. It includes apricot hull activated carbon, peach hull activated carbon, jujube hull activated carbon and so on. Actually, strictly speaking, coconut shell activated carbon is also a kind of fruit shell activated carbon, because coconut is also a fruit, but because coconut shell activated carbon has excellent performance and wide range of use, especially in some high-end areas, it has irreplaceable role, so coconut shell activated carbon has a high reputation, there are many manufacturers will classify it as a separate category, which is different from coconut shell activated carbon. Ordinary shell activated carbon.
Coconut shell activated carbon has a very good adsorption performance, but at the same time it has a relatively high price. Generally speaking, the price of activated carbon from fruit shell is about 6000 tons, but coconut shell activated carbon is about 8000-12000 tons.
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