Cautions for True and False Purchase of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
2019-04-22 11:07:19
For the users who buy Coconut shell activated carbon, what should they pay attention to when purchasing coconut shell activated carbon? How to identify and distinguish the authenticity of coconut shell activated carbon and the quality of coconut shell activated carbon?
In fact, how to say, the expert knows more than the layman. Generally, the manufacturer must know more about the product than the buyer. Although there are many ways to identify, it is the best way to cooperate with a well-known and honest enterprise.
Among all the methods to distinguish coconut shell activated carbon from coconut shell activated carbon, a key point to note is to clarify their requirements, determine the coconut shell activated carbon they need to buy and various technical indicators, and then when purchasing, ask the manufacturer to provide the corresponding product technical indicators, and make the relevant provisions in the contract.
In this way, even if you don't understand coconut shell activated carbon, you just need to know your own needs, and then let the manufacturer provide you with the corresponding products, and pay attention to the contract.
The only thing you need to pay attention to is the technical indicators of coconut shell activated carbon, such as iodine value, methylene blue value, CTC, ash, moisture and so on. Don't miss the number. It's like buying a cell phone. You need to know which chip is good. Don't be changed by some manufacturers. Replace it with some other concepts.
As for the coconut shell activated carbon which is lighter and has a series of bubbles in the water, it is also necessary to use these methods as an auxiliary measurement method, especially for consumer users who buy a few kilograms of coconut shell activated carbon, if they know some of these methods, they can avoid being cheated.
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