Brief Talk about the Reasons for the Price Difference between Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and Gen
2019-04-22 11:06:27
When the user consults the price, he knows that the price of coconut shell activated carbon is twice or twice higher than that of other activated carbon. Then why is the price difference between coconut shell activated carbon and other activated carbon? What is the reason for the price difference?
First of all, let's know the advantages and disadvantages of coconut shell activated carbon.
The raw material of coconut shell activated carbon is coconut shell imported from Hainan or Southeast Asia. The hydrophobic adsorbent is prepared by advanced production technology, high temperature carbonization and activation. Its internal structure contains a large number of micro-pore and has a huge specific surface area. The product is black amorphous particles, non-toxic and tasteless, strong adsorption capacity and high strength.
Compared with coal-based activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon has the characteristics of high hardness, high purity, non-toxic and harmless. Because there are heavy metals and other impurities in coal, it may cause secondary pollution when adsorbing. Compared with ordinary shell activated carbon, it has the characteristics of high iodine value, high hardness, strong adsorption capacity and strong regeneration.
These excellent performances make the coconut shell activated carbon more widely used, more unrestricted applications, more industries can be applied, and its performance is good, resulting in its market demand is very large, while in some industries it has other properties that ordinary activated carbon can not replace, plus raw materials are mostly imported, rather than living like ordinary fruit shell. Sex charcoal, such as jujube hull, peach hull and other domestic raw materials. Combined with many factors, the price of coconut shell activated carbon is between 8000-12000 tons. Ordinary activated carbon is usually about 3000-6000 per ton.
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