What is Catalyst Activated Carbon
2019-04-22 11:04:13
Activated carbon should have some contact when we go to high school chemistry. Activated carbon can be used as a catalyst in some chemical reactions to promote the occurrence of some chemical reactions.
Activated carbon has catalytic and adsorptive properties.
What is Catalyst Activated Carbon
In many cases, we are using activated carbon adsorption performance. For example, purification and filtration of tap water, adsorption and filtration of waste gas from industrial wastewater, decolorization of caramel manufacturing, purification and filtration of liquor manufacturing, and adsorption function of extracting gold, all of these applications use the adsorption performance of activated carbon to play a filtering role.
Activated carbon itself is a substance with catalytic activity, such as activated carbon adsorbing sulfur dioxide by catalytic oxidation to sulfur trioxide. Activated carbon has catalytic activity for many reactions. Its microporous structure and acid-and alkali-resistant chemical characteristics also make it a catalyst carrier. Activated carbon catalysts are widely used as catalyst carriers in high purity gases, liquids and petrochemical industries.
So activated carbon is not only a good adsorption material, but also a widely used catalyst material.
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